The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Why You Shouldn’t Freeze Your Job Search During the Holidays

The mulled cider is flowing and there’s a party around every corner. Though it’s tempting to take a break from your job search and plunge into the winter whirlwind of festivities, you risk missing out on the perfect position.

Contrary to popular perception, companies are hiring during the holidays. Here's  what you can do to thaw out your job search.

Business keeps flowing

Have you ever encountered a corporate memo stating that operations should cease until the festive frenzy is over? Of course not. Hiring managers are still hard at work, including poring over resumes and interviewing  candidates to find the best match for their organization.

Budgets must be met

Employers are often looking for ways to spend money before the calendar year — and their budgets — expire. It’s therefore not uncommon for new hires to be made before the fiscal clock runs out.

Recruiters are keeping a watchful eye

The best recruiters are aware of their clients’ staffing needs year-round. If they know companies need to fill a position fast or have a history of end-of-year hiring, they’ll be on the lookout for skilled candidates.

Other job seekers hit the “Pause” button

Many candidates think no one’s hiring during the holidays. If you keep your search active, you’ll have less competition to deal with for a few months.

The holiday season also offers unique opportunities to amplify your job search. Here are two:

  1. Increased chances for networking. Parties and lunches at professional organizations abound this time of year, so you’ll have easier access to hiring managers and higher-ups who will be attending events — and hopefully in good spirits. The holidays are also a great excuse to reach out to connections that you may have fallen out of touch with over the year. Dust off your networking  skills, get out there and make an impression.
  2. Recruiter expertise. Specialized  staffing experts are on high alert this time of year, so make certain they know you exist. They’ll work with you to find a position that dovetails with your experience and interests.

Robert Half senior executive director Paul McDonald recently provided additional insights on why you shouldn't slack off on job hunting in December:


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