The IIA CEO's Richard Chambers Offers Lessons from the Audit Trail

Richard F. Chambers, president and CEO of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), has nearly 40 years of experience in the internal audit profession.​ The IIA is the global professional association and standard-setting body for internal auditors.

He could literally write a book on the lessons he's learned throughout his career. And in this most recent case, he did. It's fittingly titled, Lessons Learned from the Audit Trail. The book is an engaging blend of an autobiographical accounting of an industry trail blazer (pictured at right) combined with a business handbook to help anyone who has or wants a career in internal auditing. 

Throughout the book, Richard highlights 35 “life lessons” that provide readers with valuable takeaways, such as:

You measure success not by where you ultimately arrive, but by the journey from where you started. 

You make your own breaks. If you are not willing to try anything new, success may pass you by.

Don’t become paralyzed by fear of failure; a person’s character and confidence are built mainly by overcoming adversity.

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