Showing Your Team How to Stay in Shape on the Job

Given the long hours managing finance professionals put in at the office, it may be hard for your team to perfect their work-life balance, especially in regard to staying active. 

Here are some tips you can offer them to help them to stay in shape throughout the work day — tips you can also use yourself to be a great role model!

Take the stairs

Most people know that taking the stairs rather than an escalator or elevator can give you a quick workout. The trick is turning the choice into a daily habit so you'll reap the cumulative benefits of this small but effective change.

If the health benefit isn't enough of an incentive, consider the convenience of taking the stairs when you enter and exit the office. Rather than standing shoulder to shoulder in a crowded elevator or waiting for the next available one, you have an opportunity to engage in a cardio workout and get some breathing room on your way in and out of the office.

Bonus health benefit: You may avoid being trapped in tight quarters with someone who is sick during cold and flu season. 

Go for a walk

You can also integrate fitness at work into your everyday routine. Walking is a good way to flex your leg muscles. You'll also avoid eye strain and fatigue by taking a break from your computer screen. If you have an informal weekly touch-base with your team, take your staff for a walk. Move your meeting outside and turn it into a midday stroll down the street or around the parking lot. 

Stretch at your desk

Adjusting your work-life balance can be difficult and mentally taxing. If you're looking to add some stress relief to your office routine, take a few minutes to stretch between meetings. In addition to improving flexibility, stretching is a good relaxation tool. You can even do stretches while you're waiting for your photocopies or for your microwave lunch. 

Research has shown that sitting for long periods has serious health-related repercussions. During conference calls, or even meetings if appropriate, consider standing after a few minutes and encourage the same habit for your team. This is not just healthier, but it can also help you focus. 

Eat healthy snacks

Vending machines have convenient junk food for a snack break, but there are  healthier options  that can keep you away from chips and candy — and they taste good, too. Keep a few shelf-stable options in your desk drawer or the office fridge to curb those mid-morning or afternoon cravings.

Here are a few great choices:

  • Tomato slices with low-fat cheese and olive oil
  • String cheese
  • Carrots or celery and hummus
  • Nuts such as almonds or peanuts
  • Dried fruit such as raisins or dried cranberries
  • Avocados
  • Protein bars

Drinking water is another great way to stay healthy and alert; keep a small cup or water bottle at your desk and take a walk to stretch your legs and refill it every hour. 

Track your fitness

Finance professionals are all about the numbers, so fortunately there are quantitative means of tracking your exercises. For instance, many busy individuals are turning to fitness bands or mobile apps, which can track each move you make throughout the day. Even if you're only going for a lunchtime stroll, these devices provide information on heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, miles walked and other factors. 

How do you stay in shape at the office? Tell us in the comments below!