Pin Down Your Next Opportunity: How to Use Pinterest in Your Job Search

Social media platforms are growing and multiplying. There’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Ello, Google+ — and new ones are cropping up all the time. The question is, when you’re starting a job search, how do you know which platforms to use?

Having a LinkedIn profile and a professional Facebook page is a great start, but here’s a new piece of job-search advice: Try using the online pinboard website Pinterest , too . We’re using it at Robert Half Finance & Accounting. This platform has grown explosively over the past few years, and its social media model is fresh enough to offer unique job-seeking options.

Here are five job search tips for using Pinterest:

1. Familiarize yourself with the platform

Pinterest is a very visual platform, and, unlike most social media, it doesn’t encourage a lot of self-promotion, instead asking you to “pin” things that you value, enjoy or find interesting. So it won’t be as easy or intuitive to use Pinterest in your finance or accounting job search as it is to use LinkedIn or Facebook. Still, taking the time learn how to work within this platform can enhance your job-search efforts.

While you’re not an artist, designer, photographer or marketer , you can and definitely should pin your resume, as well as any industry articles you’ve written, on this super-visual site. Pinning photos or links that show your interests and activities outside of work is a great way to show potential employers how well-rounded you are.

2. Prepare your personal presentation

Besides items you pin, those from others can really help you refine how you present yourself in your job search. A lot of this information is presented in handy infographics. Want to know what to wear to an interview? There are pages of suggested interview clothes on Pinterest complete with detailed photos. The same goes for what questions to ask in an interview and how your posture and eye contact can affect the way you’re viewed by potential employers.

3. Pin, follow and interact

Finance and accounting organizations and groups such as AICPA are already starting to establish themselves on Pinterest. Following and interacting with them there may prove easier and more productive than on their Facebook and Twitter pages, where the saturation of followers can make it difficult to make helpful connections. Pro tip: Follow industry experts on Pinterest who work for or with those companies, as well.

4. Treat it like LinkedIn

You might think that Pinterest and LinkedIn have very little in common. Their layouts are different, they serve different purposes in the social media stratosphere, and LinkedIn is very well-established while Pinterest is still quite fresh. But many of the ways you maximize your use of LinkedIn also apply to Pinterest. Here’s some additional job-search advice for the platform: Make sure you include a professional photo of yourself, and update your page regularly. Connect with other professionals in your industry. Once your Pinterest board is ready, consider including a link to it on your resume.

5. Stay focused

No social media job-search advice would be complete without this tidbit: Remember that you’re using Pinterest for your job search. You can use it for fun after you’ve landed a new job.

Has Pinterest helped you land a job? Share your Pinterest job search tips in the comments below.

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