Not Just Headhunters: 4 Ways You Can Benefit From A Staffing Agency


Even if you’re employed right now, connecting with a specialized staffing agency can help you climb the career ladder. Recruiters aren’t just “headhunters.” They’re professionals committed to helping staff accountants like you navigate the ups and downs of your career. 

Here are four ways a relationship with a staffing agency can help you — in your job search and beyond:

1. Discover more opportunities. Recruiters often know about available positions before they’ve been posted. So they can give you early leads and offer insights into industry trends and market conditions. Think of them as scouts, constantly on the lookout for bigger and better opportunities for your career. You might miss out on these chances without the help of a staffing agency.

2. Find the right fit. Not all staff accountant positions are created equal. Do you prefer small businesses or big corporations? Public or private organizations? Is your ultimate goal to become a controller or a chief financial officer? A specialized staffing agency with a deep network in the accounting industry can help you land the right job at a place that matches your interests and passions. Recruiters also have the inside scoop on the specific certifications and skills employers prefer.

3. Get tips and training. During your job search, recruiters can offer invaluable hiring advice, interview preparation and training opportunities. For example, you may work at a small business that uses Wave Accounting, but the job you’re interested in uses QuickBooks. A recruiter can help you find a workshop to brush up on your QuickBooks skills before your interview.

4. Get long-term assistance. Your situation can change quickly. Say your position is eliminated because of a merger, or your spouse is relocated to a job in a new city. Or you miss out on a promotion and decide to move on. Having a specialized staffing agency on your side can help you recover and thrive. Recruiters keep your files updated so they’re ready to start a targeted job search whenever the occasion arises. 

Staffing agencies can do much more than simply help you find a better position. The right recruiter is a partner who can help you throughout your career by providing advice, resources and a deep network in your industry.

How did a specialized staffing agency help you land a staff accountant job? Share your experience and tips in the comments below.