Motivate Finance and Accounting Staff With a Little (March) Madness

As companies face recruiting and retention concerns today, a way they can establish their firm as an organization top finance and accounting professionals want to join and stay at is to foster a positive corporate culture. How can they do this? For one, inject an element of fun.

This doesn’t require foosball tables, billiards or massage chairs – though those are nice. Instead, managers should look to use a bit of humor, host team-building events and conduct activities around happenings in the news.

Take the NCAA Tournament, for example. A recent survey from our company’s OfficeTeam division found an increasing number of managers feel March Madness-related activities in the workplace boost morale and also productivity. While you want to set boundaries and prevent time-waste, setting up a group lunch to watch the games or discussing the notable upsets and performances can help employees build rapport with each other and lighten the mood around the office.

You also could consider stoking your staff members’ competitive juices (while keeping in mind betting pools where money changes hands are illegal). You’ll provide the team a common interest and give the winner one shining moment.

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Photo source: Pete Souza [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons