Monday Management Minute: Secure the Gift of Great Financial Talent Before the Year Ends

The holiday season is upon us, and many workers are already counting the minutes until they can clear their desks, fill their mugs with hot cocoa, and push aside any thoughts of work until after the New Year. Not so for managers, though. This is prime time for you to make business plans — and hiring decisions — that can help position your firm for success in the year ahead.

Holiday Wish List

If recruiting new talent for your firm before year-end tops your holiday wish list, however, you could be left wanting. Professionals with in-demand skills, such as financial analysts, are difficult to find in the current hiring environment. And if you run a small business, you could face pushing a huge snowball uphill: In a recent survey by Robert Half, 60 percent of small business owners said finding skilled professionals is their greatest challenge. 

But if you are presented before the end of the year with the “gift” of a qualified candidate who is interested in joining your firm, be prepared to offer that person:

  • Competitive compensation. Refer to industry resources like Robert Half’s 2014 Salary Guide to ensure that the starting salaries you advertise for available positions are in line with average salary ranges in your local market. (Keep in mind, too, that many employers are prepared to offer higher rates of pay to attract top financial talent.)
  • Great perks. No, complementary coffee and bagels in the break room and dress-down Fridays won’t cut it, especially for top talent who have their pick of job offers. They want to see compelling benefits such as flexible scheduling, paid or subsidized education and training, and time off for travel.
  • Advancement opportunities. In-demand professionals want to understand how they might be able to grow with your firm over time. If you can’t help them visualize a bright future at your company, they won’t feel confident about accepting your offer and likely will choose to keep looking for other opportunities.

Another way to create some holiday hiring magic for your business is to make sure the wording in the employment ads you post are based on accurate and up-to-date job descriptions. Also consider enlisting help from recruitment specialists. Firms focused on serving the accounting and finance industry can help to reduce the time it takes to find qualified workers. These professionals could turn out to be the perfect gifts of talent you want for your business.