Make the Right Hire with the Right Accounting Manager Job Description

You’ve just found out your accounting manager is moving on, which means you’ve got an important position to fill as soon as possible. Time to brush off the old job description and see what talent you can reel in, right?

Not so fast. That posting might have landed your current accounting manager, but like everything else in the finance industry, the position has evolved over the years. Creating an up-to-date, well-thought-out job description is essential when it comes to finding the talent you need and avoiding the cost of a bad hire. Here's a four-step guide to writing a knock-out accounting manager job description.

1. Summarize from scratch.

Not all accounting manager positions are created equal. Avoid using a cookie-cutter job description. What specific needs does your company have? Consider asking your current accounting manager to walk you through a typical day, and don’t shy away from including examples in the description — anything to make it as clear as possible to candidates. Be sure to use active verbs and focus on making sentences crisp and concise.

2. Identify the chain of command.

Candidates will want to know whom they would report to and which positions they would be responsible for overseeing. Also include information about the roles of colleagues with whom the candidate would work closely — for example, “accounting manager will work with IT department head during upcoming cloud migration project.”

3. Get specific with qualifications.

A bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting is a given — but what about accounting and financial certifications? Candidates with the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification will possess financial analysis and strategic assessment skills, while those with the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) credential will already have a global network as a CPA. A master’s degree in business administration (MBA) is in demand with employers looking to fill senior-level accounting positions.

4. Mention more than money.

In addition to the salary and benefits your company offers an accounting manager, don’t forget to include perks in your job description. Is flex time an option? Do you offer tuition support for accounting certifications? Does your company offer on-site childcare, free parking or subsidized membership to a local gym? Talk to your employees and accounting manager about what they consider to be the greatest non-financial perks of your company, then use those lures to reel in top talent.

What tips do you have for writing an accounting manager job description that will attract the best candidates? Share your tips in the comments below.