Losing a Job, Workaholic Bosses and CPA Exam Anxiety: July's Popular Posts

It can be tough to keep up with your work-related reading list, especially in the dog days of summer.

So we thought we’d lend a hand by recapping our five of our most popular blog posts, in no particular order, for the month of July. Read on for more about everything from losing your job and dealing with a workaholic supervisor to preparing for the CPA exam.

1. You’ve Lost Your Job – Expert Tips on What to Do Next 

Three Robert Half Finance & Accounting division directors share the most important next career steps you should take after getting fired or laid off from your job.  Among many great tips, Kevin Green in Chattanooga pointed out:  Now is NOT the time to "go into hiding.”

2. Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance With a Workaholic Boss

If your supervisor is the type who seems to always be on the job 24/7 you’ll appreciate these suggestions to keeping your sanity in such a situation. Some key takeaways include knowing when to give yourself a break so you’ll be more productive and how to set work-free boundaries.

3. Don't Stress: Tips to Alleviate CPA Exam Anxiety

This post will walk you through exactly what to expect when you take the certified public accounting (CPA) certification exam and how to best prepare for it. From listing study guide resources to providing a link to state-by-state requirements, you’ll definitely want to review this article. For more words of wisdom, check out our LinkedIn discussion of the topic, where our followers weigh in with even more tips.

4. Quitting Your Job Gracefully

While you might fantasize about baking an “I Quit” cake to resign from your job, such silliness would certainly burn a few bridges. Our suggestions for a smoother transition cover how to break the news to your boss (in a private in-person meeting) and what to do if you receive a counteroffer.

5. Leadership Presence: How to Best Present Yourself in Any Situation

In this guest post from The Leadership Style Center, learn about the three most overlooked components of being an effective leader: visual presence, verbal presence and visual communication. The bottom line: How you present your message is as important as what that message is.

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