Issue 8. Target Topics: A Biweekly Recap of Finance and Accounting News

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters this weekend – who doesn’t love the Marvel Comics superhero movies? Each story of transformation and courage is inspiring, the battle for power between the noble and the corrupt is exciting, plus the action and special effects are just plain fun.

We went looking for some news stories to illustrate these aspects of superhero movies for finance and accounting professionals. We hope you find some inspiration here…and remember the words that Peter Parker lives by: "With great power comes great responsibility."

  • In this video interview on Accounting Today TV, Joel Sinkin from Transition Advisors discusses how to allay any fears that clients and staff may have about a firm’s transformation after a merger.
  • Great leaders have agility, which allows them to be resilient and helps them create and maintain an exciting culture. Read more about this leadership theory on
  • According to new research from emotional intelligence experts, anger can actually be useful in business when harnessed and controlled. Learn how getting angry might improve your team’s performance in this article from
  • Check out these top tests for “Analytical Superheroes” – leading the battle against weak internal controls – from



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