Issue 7. Target Topics: A Biweekly Recap of Finance and Accounting News

When you’re not head-down in the numbers, managing finance and accounting initiatives, you’re dealing with people. People you manage, people who manage you, coworkers and colleagues. Here are some recent articles about leadership and communication that might help make it easier to shift from numbers to names.

  • writer, Susan Adams, reviews the book, Pitch Perfect, and shares her insight on the author’s seven principles covering communications ranging from presentations and client meetings to job interviews and wedding toasts.
  • This article from the Institute of Internal Auditors introduces you to 20 emerging leaders who are helping to shape the future of the internal audit profession.
  • When a third of all the meetings happening in America are considered to be unproductive, you might want to make sure your own meetings are on track with these tips from
  • Robert Bruce Shaw’s new book, Leadership Blindspots, is reviewed in this post – do you know what the top 20 blindspots are for most leaders and managers?

Of course, when you grow weary of dealing with people, you can always talk to your plants!

  • The MythBusters team ran a two-month experiment that led them to conclude it’s entirely plausible that talking to plants helps them grow.
  • Here’s a fun list of the best plants for your desk or office to reduce stress and improve your air quality…and there’s even a money plant that may just lead you to financial success!

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