Issue 6. Target Topics: A Biweekly Recap of Finance and Accounting News

April Fool’s Day is right around the corner…will you prank or be pranked? People all over the world have launched the month of April with tomfoolery, even as far back as the Middle Ages.

Here are some recent finance and accounting news articles that may help you make sure the first day of your second quarter goes off without a hoax.

  • A survey from the American Productivity & Quality Center shows 81 percent of finance executives claim their enterprises are “seriously committed” to an ongoing push for more efficiency and effectiveness. Read more about the analysis of this research on
  • Richard Chambers shares 10 vital lessons from the audit trail on his Institute of Internal Auditors blog.
  • Microsoft Office is finally available on the iPad – take your Excel docs to go! Read more on
  • Learn how to talk to your clients about the risks related to SALT - state and local taxation issues - on
  • Check out the results of Protiviti’s annual survey on internal auditors’ concerns about social media on

 If you’re the prankstah-type, enjoy this list of April Fool’s Day stunts from


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