Issue 4. Target Topics: A Biweekly Recap of Finance and Accounting News

The California gold rush seems to be back on!

A couple living in Northern California’s Gold Country recently unearthed several tins filled with rare gold coins, while walking their dog. Valued at more than $10 million, this newfound treasure will undoubtedly bring this couple financial freedom, and hopefully they’ll get the proper help they need to handle the accompanying accounting and tax issues.

Here are some more gold nuggets of news from the world of finance and accounting:

  • The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board has issued provisional standards, which help corporations in the financial services sector comply with existing regulations for SEC reporting. The standards apply to seven industries within financial services, according to Accounting Today.
  • Bill Sarr, CFO of Bloomsbury Publishing, publisher of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and The Kite Runner, discusses the importance of involving the finance team in the company’s editorial decisions.



Have a great weekend – and here’s hoping you find your own pot of gold soon!


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Photo Source: Flickr. Jeremy Shultz