Hot Off the Press: Keeping Up With Financial News

Keeping Up With Financial News

With all the changing laws and regulations and the constant influx of economic and business news, how do financial professionals keep up with what’s going on?  

Fortunately, access to information is quicker and more thorough than ever before. Unfortunately, with so much news, data and analyses available to us, just finding a starting point can be daunting. But whether you’re at your first accounting job or midway through your career as a financial executive, you can find what you need if you know where to look. Check out these options for keeping up with financial news.

1. General news

When it comes to catching wind of immediate happenings in the finance world, you can always go to more traditionally rooted news sources like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and CNN Money. These are broadly focused sources where you can get news about recent stock market moves, regional financial crises, industry regulatory changes and more.

2. Industry-specific

For those who need to keep up with news and comply with recent or upcoming regulations within a specific industry, head to Bloomberg Business. It has sections exclusively dedicated to healthcare, technology, real estate, oil and gas and, of course, finance. And when it comes to taxes, Tax-News covers everything tax-related, including international developments.

3. News with a global perspective 

To keep track of international finance, you'll need to be aware of what China and other major players in the financial world are up to. China Briefing publishes a website featuring news articles related to the country and surrounding regions, and it releases a print magazine 10 times a year tailored to foreign investors. For the latest in Europe, head to the European Commission's website for up-to-date information about changes in European Union laws and policies, as well as investment news and statistics.

4. C-level news 

If you’re a senior financial manager, check out CFO Daily News. The site provides news and editorials targeted at C-level executives, such as how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect your business finances and the changing expectations of filing company taxes electronically. Want to know what was talked about at recent C-level events? Check out the Business Leaders section on Fox Business for video interviews of executives discussing conference topics and industry happenings.

5. Premium news sources that are worth the cost 

Sometimes a subscription can provide information not found elsewhere. For example, a premium subscription to the Financial Times includes the LEX column, featuring daily commentary, discussions and debates by business and finance experts. The Prudent Speculator and Grant's Interest Rate Observer are more costly than most, but both publish newsletters filled with exclusive financial analyses and forecasting.

As you try out these and other sources, you’ll quickly start to find what best suits you and your professional situation. In addition to checking these websites and subscribing to receive publications via email, mobile apps are available for most of the sites, allowing you to get your financial news and industry data as soon as it breaks.

What are your favorite financial news sites and publications? Let us know in the comments below.

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