Hate Mondays? Maybe It's Time to Look for New Finance Jobs

Good Time to Look for Job

No job is without its drawbacks. Even the happiest financial professionals can face challenges at work that can rattle their commitment to the job. But can these problems be resolved, or is it time to start searching for a new professional home? Here are seven signs that it could be time:

1. You genuinely hate Mondays. You might have slipped into this pattern over time without even noticing. If angst over the state of your work life has begun creeping into your weekends, that could be a sign it’s time for a career move.

2. Your interactions are negative or unproductive. You can't be happy at work if interactions with your boss and colleagues are fraught with conflict. There are other finance jobs out there that will be a better fit.

3. The quality of your work is slipping. Lack of passion, energy or interest in your work can result in missed details and mistakes. Unless you can turn this around — and you’re sure there’s not some other factor at work or outside of work causing it — it’s probably best to stop job searching.

4. You have no work-life balanceIf your work is causing lingering stress that is negatively affecting your sleep or health, that's another red flag. If you can't find the time to take care of yourself or family, it's appropriate to consider whether a new work setting might improve your overall perspective.

5. You're not yourself. If changes at your company have caused you to feel overburdened by the persona you must present to fit the corporate culture, it may be a sign you need to shift to a role that more closely matches your character and values. Likewise, if friends or family are remarking that you're "not yourself" or are asking you what's wrong, it may be time to explore other finance jobs.

6. You're undervalued or underpaid. You know when your work and efforts at the office are appreciated and appropriately rewarded, and when they are not. Are you fairly compensated? Find a job that will pay you what you’re worth.

7. Your only reason for not leaving your job is fear or apathy. What’s holding you back from exploring new opportunities? If the answer is fear of change or the effort involved, it's time to take the plunge. Start by researching key job search techniques, and get your cover letter and resume updated. Same goes for your LinkedIn profile. Finding an excellent recruiter can be an invaluable tool, too.

Admittedly, some of these reasons to leave your current positions are deal-breakers. But if the primary driver of your dissatisfaction or boredom is lack of a chance to advance, reach out to your manager before jumping ship. He or she may not be aware of your feeling and may be able to provide you with some meaningful new opportunities.

If you’re still convinced it’s time to make a change, now is the time to start a job search, even in these summer months. Projections for 2015 show that many key finance and accounting positions are in high demand this year. Prepare yourself for the search and look at opportunities on the horizon with a positive outlook — and as a chance for a fresh start.

What's your top sign that it's time to look for a new finance job? Share below. 

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