Financial Staffing Agencies: How to Find the Best Recruiter of the Bunch

Financial staffing agencies are experts at finding the right match, whether that’s a rewarding career opportunity or the financial professional that takes your team to the next level. But, with so many options available, how do you go about choosing the right recruitment service for you or your company?

Job Seekers

Financial staffing agencies have established contacts within your industry and a finger on the pulse of the current job market. For job seekers, this provides a head start on finding available jobs and networking with leaders in your field. Establishing an ongoing relationship with a recruiter can also benefit your career in the long run, even if you aren't actively looking for a new job. Recruiters can connect you with valuable industry contacts and alert you to promising opportunities as they become available.

Consider the following factors when choosing a recruitment service:

  • Reputation: Be sure to research the firm's history, accolades and alliance partners to get an idea of its standing in the industry. Ask for references and candidate testimonials so you can hear from current and past job seekers about their experiences.
  • Available jobs: Browse the job listings on the recruiting firm's website. Look at job titles, locations and number of jobs available in the accounting and finance fields.
  • Staff interaction: Meet with the staffing agency on their premises, paying attention to the level of professionalism and customer service they offer. Take note of how well the firm’s representatives follow up with you after your visits. Remember, you're entrusting your professional future to this company, so you want to feel comfortable working with them.
  • Policies: Make sure you understand the ins and outs of working with the firm. Will you be working with one recruiter or a team? How often will you receive updates from the recruitment service? How quickly do they typically find new positions for job candidates? Be wary of any financial staffing agency that charges job seekers for their services.
  • Additional services: Some financial staffing agencies provide additional career resources to job seekers, such as resume-writing help, recommendations about continuing education and interview coaching. 


Recruiting firms that specialize in accounting and finance can assist your company in identifying the best candidates and streamlining the hiring process — reducing the time it takes to bring a new employee on board by up to eight weeks. Considering the cost of a bad hire, it makes sense to work with a professional recruiting firm.

Consider the following factors when choosing a recruitment service:

  • Specialization: Financial staffing agencies have access to a vast pool of candidates with in-demand skills and relevant experience. Recruiters at specialized agencies commonly have worked in the accounting or finance fields and offer deep expertise and a unique perspective.
  • Client lists: Read client testimonials and ask to see a list of companies the firm has worked with to determine if the recruitment service has experience working with your size and type of business.
  • Scope: How broad are the networks of the recruiting firm? Do they have access to candidates you don’t? Have professionals already been vetted?
  • Hiring process: How long does the recruitment service expect the search for a candidate to take? What evaluations will the recruiters perform before you meet a potential hire? How many individuals will you interview?

Make sure you understand how involved you are expected to be when working with a recruiter. The best firms will handle the heavy lifting for you, but remain in touch with you on a continual basis so they can present only those candidates who meet your unique needs.

If you’re ready to approach financial staffing agencies, learn how Robert Half Finance & Accounting can help you find the right job or the skilled talent your business needs.