Employers: How to Keep Your Best People

New year. New start. New job?

As 2014 kicks off, some employees may be thinking about a career change -- somewhere other than your company.

If you're looking to keep your best talent from jumping ship, as part of an online "how to" series from Robert Half, we look at five areas that should be considered:

1. Attracting. Make sure to keep salaries at or above industry standards. Consider adding perks such as flexible schedules, casual dress days, and educational assistance to enhance an employee's total package.

2. Retaining. Understand why those employees who do stay want to stay. Kudos, empowerment, excitement and promotion are four key ingredients to keep your employees happy.

3. Rewarding. Perks, year-end bonuses and salaries are not everything, but they help. Re-evaluate your salaries frequently to ensure they are competitive. The 2014 Salary Guide can help you track salary trends in accounting and finance professions.

4. Managing. Don't play favorites; get to know your staff as individuals, and watch everyone's stress levels. Remember, you are the key to inspired, motivated, and happy staff.

5. Turnover. No matter what you do, some turnover is natural. But keep an eye out for signs of unhappiness, such as longer lunch breaks and frequent absences that could signal an employee is ducking work for interviews.

What are your best tips for keeping your top performers?

A little burst of insight may save you or someone else from making a costly staffing mistake.