Countdown to 2015: 3 Career Resolutions to Avoid

As the clock counts down to ring in the new year, many finance and accounting professionals are taking a look at their career goals. But how many of these resolutions will survive come spring of 2015?

Resolutions can often seem like good goals, at first, but end up being less motivating than intended and easily forgotten. To avoid setting yourself up for failure before even getting started, stay away from the three types of resolutions below:

1. Do X and Y and Z and …

Determine which core resolutions should be given the highest priority and focus on those alone. With fewer secondary targets to distract you, you’ll have a better chance of accomplishing your most important objectives. You can always select new goals as you cross others off your list.

2. Land the corner office.

Depending on what position you currently hold, you may be setting your sights too high. While you want to make resolutions that challenge you to stretch your abilities, you also want to pursue objectives you can realistically accomplish. Oftentimes, a more appropriate target is to work with your manager to establish a career path and steps you can take to reach specific milestones.

3. Bring your lunch to work to save money.

This is an excellent personal goal, but career resolutions should focus on your professional growth. Ideally, they should be goals that enable you to take on new challenges and improve your marketability.

Thought of a career resolution to avoid that I've missed? Feel free to weigh in with a comment below.