Accounting Rules All Year, Not Just Post-Tax Season

Accounting Rules All Year

The hiring outlook is bright for accountants, demand for their expertise and services is high, and salaries are on the rise.  

But on this first day of post-tax season, when accountants are wishing they could decompress but really can’t, what’s there to love about being an accountant?

Well, crunching numbers can be cool, and as our recent study shows, the problem-solving part of the job is even better.

Then there's what our upbeat respondents told us on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, that accountants make the best colleagues because "everyone counts!" Ah, so it’s not "accrual world," after all.  

Why else does the accounting profession rule? Here are some of the comments shared by accounting and finance folks around the country in the days during the busy season leading up to today:

What's your favorite part of being an accountant?

     “The best part is when you analyze the numbers, and they tell a story.” 

     “The satisfaction of adding and subtracting numbers all day and totaling zero.”

     “When you analyze the data in the accounts to find and fix errors.”

     “Helping people maximize their tax refund, working with small business clients to prepare financial statements that help them get loans, or helping your staff develop their careers.”

     “Creating a new process that makes sense and is used company-wide to reconcile accounts correctly.”

     “Being a part of something awesome by analyzing to help the business grow.”


     “Analyzing data, identifying issues and fixing them.”

     “Saving clients money, adding value and actually having an impact on their bottom line.”

     “Helping clients big and small become motivated/disciplined to become wealthy.”

     “Knowing how the economy is reflected on paper and how financial statements affect people’s lives.”

     “Making a bank reconciliation.”

     “Making complex things simple."

Finally, we asked — How do finance and accounting professionals celebrate this time of year? — and received a notable answer.

     “With caviar and champagne,” of course!

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