8 Signs It's Time to Start Hiring

Do you feel like you're doing the work of three people? Well, maybe it's because you are.

Below are eight signs from Robert Half Finance & Accounting that could indicate it's time to hire:

Sign #1: Growth opportunities are deferred. You’d like to pursue new business, but you’re not sure your staff can handle any more work. As a result, you postpone new initiatives even when you have the budget for them. 

Sign #2: You're growing, but not rejoicing. When your firm lands a major new client or plans to expand, your immediate reaction is worry instead of happiness. That nervous feeling of “How are we going to do all this?” is a sign you’re understaffed.

Sign #3: Even ace performers can’t keep up. Your most talented and reliable workers have started missing deadlines. There are also more frequent breakdowns in communication, particularly concerning due dates and deliverables.

Sign #4: Overtime is more frequent. Once limited to seasonal workload spikes and deadline-driven projects, overtime is now standard. You and your employees are taking unprecedented volumes of work home.

Sign #5: Your doing your job – and then some. To help the team manage, you frequently tackle subordinate-level duties in addition to your supervisory responsibilities.

Sign #6: Tardiness and absenteeism are rising. Employees are repeatedly calling in sick or arriving late. This is a telltale sign of burnout.

Sign #7: Mistakes are multiplying. Your team drops the ball and makes errors where they never did before. Overall, performance has declined and the quality of work has slipped.

Sign #8: Clients are complaining. Service levels have worsened and customers and clients have noticed. You’re getting negative feedback about a lack of responsiveness to phone calls and emails.

More details about the current hiring environment and salaries for accounting and finance professionals can be found in the 2014 Salary Guide from Robert Half.