5 Reasons to Use Your Social Network in a Finance Job Search

Social networking for accountants

For your next finance job search, be sure you take full advantage of social networking opportunities — but do it in the right way. The right approach to social networks can prove incredibly helpful for professional advancement. After all, everyone's using social media now, even the boss

Here are five ways your social network could be the best tool in your toolbox.

1. It helps you look your best.

With social media like LinkedIn, you can create a good first impression, even if you’re having an off day in real life. Start by making sure your profile includes a great photo, then do some discreet cleanup to make sure nothing on your profile is unprofessional. Next, add a few of your best success stories. As you get more comfortable, you can include more information about your experiences, your goals and your biggest strengths. Through your choices, you ultimately build a personal brand that all your potential connections (and hiring managers) will see.

2. It lets you connect, despite distance.

Meeting people in person is always best. But getting to know them through a social network can work almost as well, especially if it’s hard to arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone in another city — or another country. This digital convenience makes social networks particularly helpful when your finance job search targets a new location. 

3. It really does link you in.

There are lots of ways Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest can help with your job search. But if you rely on just one social network, your clear choice should be LinkedIn. In many ways, LinkedIn is like transporting a real-life networking event onto the Internet. Professionals of all levels and experience populate the site, constantly sharing content and making connections. As you join in, make sure you observe proper site etiquette, ask the right questions and optimize your profile.  

4. It helps you get specific.

Let’s say you want to work in fraud examination. Or you’re really interested in small accounting firms. Or you’re looking to find consulting opportunities. Plugging into a social network makes it easier to find other people on the same path. Your shared interests can then lead to great connections, mentorship, advice and, very likely, a better sense of the jobs you should be looking for.

5. It supports the rest of your tools.

The ease of using a social network presents one risk: It can become the main focus of your job search. So keeping that danger in mind, be sure you maintain other forms of searching, connecting and networking. You’ll soon find out how well social networking supports your entire toolbox.

How has social networking helped you in a job search? Share your experience in the comments section.