4 Questions to Ask Before Giving Your Two Weeks’ Notice

Sure, everyone has rotten days at work, but what should you do when the bad days feel like they outnumber the good? Many accounting professionals may feel safer about moving on from an unhappy work situation because the demand for skilled financial talent is on the rise. But if you’re going to abandon ship, you don’t want to sink; you want to swim. So if you feel like it’s time to quit your job, ask yourself these questions before you give two weeks’ notice: 

1. Is your compensation in sync with your job description?

If it’s a lack of a pay raise that’s giving you second thoughts, determine whether your day-to-day responsibilities have changed over time. If your actual duties no longer match your job description, discuss this with your supervisor. Asking for a raise can be uncomfortable, but you deserve to get paid for the work you do.

2. Is your office a place you like to be?

It's easy to measure hard numbers like salary and hours spent on the job, but figuring out the qualitative details of your job experience is a bit more nuanced. If you're struggling with your boss, coworkers or office environment — all factors that can affect productivity and job satisfaction — you might consider finding waters better suited for smooth sailing.

3. Are you and your firm still on the same page?

If you've spent a number of years working for the same company, you've no doubt seen changes take place. During that period, it’s likely your skills, talents, ambitions and values have evolved, too. Does your firm seem to be changing along the same lines? If not, giving your resignation sooner rather than later may be the best course of action. Staying with an organization that doesn’t dovetail with your career path may be manageable for a while, but could result in you drowning in the long run.

4. Is your firm responsive to your needs?

Everyone should expect a certain degree of job satisfaction, and this goes beyond making money and doing fulfilling work. It's also essential for any employee to have a reasonable work-life balance. However, don’t expect your boss to be able to intuit all of your needs. You'll want to be assertive and ask for what you need to keep your personal and professional life on an even keel. 

How did you know it was time to give two weeks’ notice? Share your experience in the comments section.

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