3 Tips for the Post-Labor Day Hiring Season

When the kids head back to school and the days are getting noticeably shorter, many business professionals begin the process of evaluating the year to date and planning for the future.

As the unofficial end to summer, Labor Day marks the start of the business planning season – including staffing assessments – for many companies. If you’re looking to bring new talent into your organization for the fall and winter months, here are three pieces of solid hiring advice:

1. Review your recruiting process.

While you’re evaluating staffing strategies for the fall and upcoming year, take a look at your current HR practices and hiring process. Your recruiting process should reflect your company’s culture and personality. Taking a look at it from a prospective employee’s point of view can help you evaluate and improve your employer brand. Consider everything from your website to your communication methods and follow-up procedures to ensure the most accurate portrayal of your company.

2. Tap into your network.

Job seekers typically ramp up their job search efforts after Labor Day to match employers’ hiring. But don’t overlook your industry contacts and former colleagues while waiting for traditional responses to your job post; they can be excellent sources of new talent. Asking for recommendations and considering referrals can help you find quality candidates faster. Attending or creating networking events can also be a great way to meet potential candidates in a low-key environment.

3. Let the recruiters do the work.

Working with a good recruiting agency, you can gain access to highly skilled candidates who also match your company’s culture. In addition, a recruiter can work with you throughout your search and make the hiring process easier.

No matter what your industry or hiring needs are, preparing now for the post-Labor Day hiring rush can put your company in a strong position for the coming holiday season and beyond. Try some new strategies and follow savvy hiring advice this year to attract the best candidates.

How do you prepare for the post-Labor Day hiring season? Share your ideas below.