2015 Salary Guide Predictions: 4 Opportunities for Finance Professionals on the Job Market


This promises to be an exciting year for accounting and finance professionals looking for a job. The 2015 Salary Guide from Robert Half reports that talent shortages are emerging, and the demand is growing faster than the supply of skilled workers.

While staff accountants and controllers continue to be highly sought-after financial professionals, healthcare reform, globalization, the dynamic nature of regulatory compliance and big data will cause new positions to emerge. The Salary Guide identifies several industry trends and positions that will be especially hot in 2015, including: 

1. Affordable Care Act: The elephant in the room

Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation has carved out a niche area for accounting professionals with expertise in its rules and regulations. As more individuals continue to enroll in plans created as a result of the act, organizations will need employees with ACA expertise as they reformulate their processes, billing systems and, in some cases, completely overhaul their business models.

2. Globalization: Habla español?

As technology has advanced, so has the ability of organizations to spread their operations overseas. Accounting jobs requiring proficiency in a foreign language are increasing as a result. What are the most in-demand languages? According to a British Council report, the top five languages that are most beneficial for U.K. professionals in linking to “the world’s fastest growing economies” are: 

  • Spanish

  • Arabic

  • French

  • Mandarin Chinese

  • German 

While language fluency is definitely a plus when applying for accounting jobs created in the wake of globalization, it’s not the only international skill employers will be looking for. Expertise working in or with foreign entities will be a huge plus on your resume, as hiring managers want candidates experienced in foreign regulatory compliance.

3. Compliance: It’s smoking hot

Regulatory compliance continues to be a hot topic and, with ramped up enforcement and ever-changing mandates, it’s likely it will remain so. Sectors that are especially in need of compliance professionals fluent in the regulations of their industry include healthcare and energy. Additionally, as noted above, as organizations continue to grow their businesses overseas, they’ll need compliance professionals who can navigate the complex guidelines of multiple regions.  

4. Analytical roles: Do you speak data?

While financial analyst, business analyst and controller are by no means new roles, big data is driving organizations more than ever, resulting in the transition from report-based functions. Professionals who have experience working with this hard data — as well as the ability to translate it for audiences not fluent in numbers — will be in high demand as organizations continue to seek ways to anticipate potential setbacks and increase efficiencies.

Finance and accounting professionals with niche skills won’t find a shortage of accounting jobs in 2015, and neither will those who enlist the help of skilled recruiters. Keep these opportunities in mind and take advantage of the current hiring climate. If you do, there could be an exciting new step in your finance career in the future.

What new accounting jobs do you anticipate emerging in 2015? Give us a peek at your crystal ball in the comments.