10 Words of Wisdom for Your Summer Job Search

Summer Job Search

Summer job search — an oxymoron, right? It’s time for flip-flops and beach reads, not button-up shirts and job boards, right?

Wrong and wrong.

The hottest months of the year aren’t the carefree times you might expect in the hiring environment of finance and accounting professionals, especially when there are important positions to be filled, in an economy that is returning to full expansion mode.

So here are 10 words to keep on your radar during your summer job search if you’re in the market for a finance and accounting position.

  1. Opportunity

With more than 5 million jobs up for grabs and unemployment at its lowest in seven years, now is the time to turn up the heat on your job search. Demand for accounting professionals is growing exponentially, especially if you’re looking for a job as an accountant, controller, payroll professional, financial analyst, business systems analyst, controller, compliance officer or auditor.

  1. Time

With vacation schedules thrown in, the pace of interviews may slow down, but it also may speed up, accelerating the hiring process. Time may be on your side, too, when it comes to relocating, buying or selling a home, and getting your kids settled before the school year begins.

  1. Focus

It’s easy to get distracted during the summer, but it’s best to keep some type of job search schedule. Consider dedicating an hour or more a day to look for new opportunities, to update your social media profile or to work on the rest of these 10 words for your summer job search. 

  1. Research

Don’t wait for a job posting to see who’s hiring. Find jobs before they’re advertised by researching what companies are expanding, monitoring news and trade outlets for updates, and tapping your network for insights. This intelligence will help you get a jump on any openings.

  1. Networking

Networking may be more low-key in the summer, but the professional conferences and mixers continue, amid all the festivals, weddings and backyard barbecues you attend. You never know. Someone you meet might be the connection to your perfect job.

  1. Customization

Take the time to tailor your resume and cover letter for each opportunity. This step shows you’re serious about the position and why you are right for the job. Keep in mind: When reviewing your resume, employers want to see not just what you’ve done but what you’ll do for them.

  1. Analytics

In your resume and achievements, quantify your achievements as much as possible. Also highlight your analytical skills, which are in growing demand as companies seek accounting and finance professionals who are able to mine data to identify trends and propose strategic ideas.

  1. Specialization

Talent shortages have emerged, and employers are seeking professionals with in-demand skills, from regulatory and compliance expertise to business analytics. They also value certifications and continuing education, so if you have extra time, work on your specialization.

  1. Recruiters

Staffing executives can be your eyes and ears in the job market. Recruiters also provide useful feedback on your resume and interview skills, in addition to helping you find jobs. Not only can they alert you to opportunities but they can connect you with valuable industry contacts.

  1. Fun

Do something fun, and reward yourself for reaching different milestones on this summer job search. This will help boost your morale and confidence.  And keep reading this blog for more ideas along the way!

 Do you have any other words for this summer’s finance job seekers? Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.