10 Financial Apps for the Connected Professional

Financial Apps

For accounting and finance professionals, staying connected and having the ability to check figures and update account information on the go is increasingly essential. It's no secret mobile applications are convenient, but with so many to choose from on several different platforms, finding the most useful apps can be a daunting task.

So which financial apps are worth the investment? Here are 10 top apps for anyone who works in finance:

Access Accounts Anywhere

1. QuickBooks: These mobile apps for iOS and Android are among the most popular financial apps out there. With this handy tool, you can create invoices, update accounts, set up automated alerts and sync with QuickBooks on your desktop.

2. FreshBooks: This iOS app allows you to send invoices and accept online payments. You can also photo-capture expense receipts and track your hours. Data is backed up in the cloud, making it easy to access from any device.

3. Kashoo: Customizable invoices, snap-and-attach receipt images and a clean, easy-to-use interface are just a few of the features that make this accounting iOS app a popular alternative to QuickBooks.

Track Your Stocks

4. Bloomberg: Available on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows, Bloomberg is the go-to app for many investors. It helps you stay up to the minute with the stock market and provides access to detailed performance charts.

5. E-Trade: This iOS and Android app allows you to place trades, get real-time quotes and manage your accounts on your phone or tablet. You can deposit checks electronically and scan barcodes to get details on publicly traded companies involved with the scanned products.

6. ChartIQ: This app, available for iOS, Android and Windows devices, lets you access advanced stock and foreign exchange charts. The Price Horizon feature plots a target price based on the Estimize consensus estimate for every future quarter, often with greater accuracy than Wall Street.

Save Time on Little Tasks

7. iCurrency: If you’re constantly checking foreign exchange rates, this iOS app is a must-download. Drawing data from both Yahoo and Ino.com, iCurrency can be set to automatically update every 15 seconds.

8. Scanner Pro: Does being able to scan receipts or tax documents from your mobile device sound like a time-saver? Scanner Pro uses your iOS device’s camera to scan documents with remarkable clarity. Then you can email, print or send them directly to your cloud-storage service, like Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox.

9. Dropbox: Available for iOS and Android devices, as well as the BlackBerry and Kindle Fire, Dropbox is an easy way to access and share your files with clients or colleagues.

10. LogMeIn: This web-based console allows you to access all of your computers and devices and also perform maintenance or set up an automatic update system for Windows.

Do you use any of these financial apps, or have you found others worth sharing?

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