Sample Job Descriptions and Tips to Help You Hire

The most important step in the hiring process? We’d argue that it’s creating a thorough job description for the role you’re trying to staff.

A well-written job description helps you determine what skills, experience and qualifications the candidate you’d like to hire should possess. That may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many hiring managers don’t have all these details sorted out by the time they start reviewing resumes.

The job description also forms the basis of the job postings you place on online job boards or provide to recruiters who are assisting in your search.

And, perhaps most importantly, the job description outlines the criteria used to evaluate potential hires. This can be especially helpful if others are involved in the process because it ensures everyone uses a consistent system for assessment.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of sample job descriptions and other resources to help get you started. Use these tools to write an effective job description the next time you’re hiring.

Accounting and finance

Writing an Accounting Job Description to Attract Top Talent

Administrative and office support

Sample administrative job descriptions

Creative and marketing

Sample creative and marketing job descriptions

Sample social media job descriptions


Sample legal job descriptions (U.S.)

Sample legal job descriptions (Canada)

Technology and IT

Sample technology and IT job descriptions