Networking Conversation Starters

Foolproof questions to start a conversation with new network contacts

Do you freeze up or draw a blank when it comes time to talk to someone new? Do you end up standing awkwardly in the corner eating your slider instead of creating new connections? Introverts aren’t the only ones that stress when they hear the words ‘networking event.’ But with these foolproof conversation starters, all Detroiters can be confident approaching new contacts.
At a networking event, talk about the one thing that you definitely have in common – the event. Questions such as:
• What did you think of the presentation?
• How are you enjoying the speakers today?
• Are you involved with the association running the event?
• What attracted you to attend this event?
• Who do you know here? Or are you flying solo today?
Everyone has to eat, so, at most professional events, the best networking opportunities take place during the food and beverage breaks or cocktail hour. Start with questions like:
• This spread looks amazing; what do you think you’ll have?
• Where’s the bar?
• Have you tried the wine yet? Is it good?
Some general questions to have up your sleeve to keep the conversation going could be:
• What does your average workday look like?
• What do you like the most about your job/company?
Successfully building business relationships can have many benefits including finding a new job, meeting talented candidates, expanding your client base and more. So now that you know how to get started, there is nothing holding you back from attending future networking events in Detroit
Do you have a foolproof networking conversation starters that isn’t on this list? Include yours with a comment below.