Monthly Jobs Report: Dallas Unemployment Rate Slightly Down

The most recent monthly jobs report indicates that the non-seasonally adjusted Dallas unemployment rate for February came in at 3.7 percent, a decrease of 0.5 percentage points from this time last year. On a seasonally adjusted basis, 10,800 Dallas jobs were added during the same reporting period.

Across the state of Texas, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased slightly to 4.4 percent in February. Statewide and also on a seasonally adjusted basis, a total of 2,100 jobs were added month-over-month.

How does this data impact hiring managers trying to staff Dallas jobs?

Robert Half Senior Regional President Mark Malone notes that the declining Dallas unemployment rate and the increasing number of open jobs means that employers may need to adjust their recruitment strategies to prevent the negative effects of a long hiring process. Malone urges managers to move aggressively when they identify promising applicants. “Top talent continues to be in high demand,” he says, “so many of the most skilled professionals are entertaining multiple job offers. If your hiring process drags out for weeks or months, by the time you make an offer to a candidate, he or she may have already started a new job with the competition.”

Malone also encourages employers to remember the potential benefits of implementing a flexible staffing strategy. “Consider working with a staffing agency or bringing in project professionals to share the workload,” he suggests. Adding temporary staff can relieve the burden and stress of extra work for your current team members and ensure that productivity remains high. Malone also touts the benefits of a temp-to-hire strategy. “In many cases, employers find that certain project professionals are exactly what the company needs, and these team members go on to become valuable full-time employees.”

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