Salaried Professional Service for Creative Consultants

A career as a salaried professional with The Creative Group (TCG) provides you with competitive pay and benefits, full-time employment as a creative consultant and a variety of new challenges. You will work on engagements tailored to your experience, skill sets and career objectives. Plus, you will have a dedicated staffing executive as a career manager to help you achieve the professional success you desire.

Benefits as a Salaried Professional

Strengthening your project portfolio
TCG salaried professionals enjoy both variety – through new engagements with a diverse clientele – and new responsibilities – through ever-changing demands of new situations, projects and business challenges. Typical engagements include graphic design, visual design, web development, mobile development, project management, UX/UI, marketing and product management.

Competitive benefits program
Like independent creative consultants, our salaried professionals enjoy a wide variety of professional experiences – but with steady, competitive benefits and pay. As employees of Robert Half, a Fortune 1000 company, our salaried professionals appreciate the benefits of full-time employment with the diversity of consulting.

Developing new skills
You’ll have the chance to broaden your knowledge across new industries as well as learn new software and systems. As a salaried professional, you can keep your skills and certifications current with free access to more than 8,000 courses and over 28,000 reference books.

Your own dedicated career manager
Your staffing executive, working as your career coach, will meet with you to discuss your career goals. You’ll receive performance reviews and we will assess whether you might benefit from expanding your technical skill set or if you are ready for a move into more diverse and challenging work.

Building your brand as a creative professional
As a salaried professional, you’ll gain specific experiences that allow you to develop goodwill and a successful track record with clients. Your reputation as a universal resource will help generate repeat project opportunities with these and other employers.

Networking with creative people like you
You’ll have the chance to meet and interact with your fellow salaried professionals. As you network with other members of the team, you’ll be able to leverage their insights and experience when working on your own projects.

For more information about becoming a salaried professional, contact your local TCG office today.