How to Use Social Media to Find Marketing Jobs

A computer sprouts social media icons

Today's marketing professionals must be social media savvy, both on the job and while searching for marketing jobs. Not only is social media a powerful job-hunting tool, but you can also impress potential employers by showing off your social media prowess during your job search. Follow these tips for maximizing the potential of the most popular social media platforms to find your next marketing job.

LinkedIn: Expand your network
Once you've set up a profile on LinkedIn, you can expand your network exponentially. Unlike Facebook, where you want to carefully vet your friends, many professionals use LinkedIn to connect with everyone they've ever worked with or might want to work with. Even people in industries unrelated to yours might have marketing jobs to fill, so don't shy away from inviting friends and acquaintances to link up with you. And when you do invite them to connect, send a personalized note mentioning that you're available to help and note the time frame of your availability.

One creative professional expanded her LinkedIn network when she communicated to her network that she was looking to make a career move. Not only did it help her land a great job, but it also helped her find temporary work quickly.

Twitter: Establish authority
While you can utilize Twitter to search for marketing jobs, you can also use it to boost your credibility with target companies. First, tweet often, and make sure your tweets are tactful, even if you're tweeting about personal interests. Second, follow companies you'd like to work for and retweet their tweets. Finally, if your job search is public knowledge, include hashtags that convey that you're on the hunt for marketing jobs while providing useful, interesting information for your followers.

Tumblr and Pinterest: Show off taste and trends
Use Tumblr and Pinterest to visually demonstrate your expertise while you search for jobs with tags like #hiring and #jobs. If you're targeting marketing jobs in a particular industry, pin and post images relevant to that line of work. Using these image-heavy sites can also add some personality and point to your interests – and your penchant for keeping up with technology and industry trends – which may make you more attractive to prospective employers in the creative industry. You may even want to consider pinning your resume.

Google+: Maximize your network
Much like LinkedIn, Google+ is a platform for cultivating a large network of potential colleagues, whether they're former coworkers, friends or employees of companies you're targeting. Using the Hangout feature, you can join or create job search clubs. It's also a great place to share content that can help establish your authority in the marketing field and industries that appeal to you.

No matter which social media platform you're using to find marketing jobs, keep your profile up-to-date and include content that conveys not only what you've done in the past but also what you want to do in the future.