A Look Inside The Creative Group's Recruitment Process

A graphic with icons depicting the recruitment process surrounding a computer icon

Have you shied away from enlisting a recruiter to help you find employment because you're not familiar with the recruitment process? Did you know it's perfectly acceptable to seek employment on your own and work with a recruiter at the same time?

Working with a professional recruiter is a smart and effective strategy for most any job seeker. The recruitment process is not only easy, but it's a much more personable approach than other job search methods. It allows you to engage with someone who will be working for your benefit.

Teaming up with a recruiter requires no financial obligation, up-front work or commitment from you. And, along with offering free coaching and career advice, a recruiter can open the door to jobs you may not discover on your own. Here's a snapshot of TCG's recruitment process.

1. Why you should consider a recruiter

Working with a recruiter, especially one who specializes in your industry, has many perks. TCG recruiters have creative industry backgrounds — so they truly understand your skill set. For you, that translates to job opportunities that are most relevant to both your expertise and your interests.

Recruiters often have deep insights into the companies they work with. Knowing how a company operates, what the corporate culture is like and how the teams are structured gives them the unique ability to match candidates who will be comfortable there. Even when you're conducting your own job search, recruiters can give you a sense of the market you're targeting so you can tailor your search accordingly.

Some firms work exclusively with recruiters. Having a close-knit relationship with companies allows the recruiter to know about positions that aren't listed on the open market. Companies that do publicly post open positions often work with recruiters if they're not attracting the right candidates.

2. How the TCG recruitment process works

There are several ways to make initial contact with a TCG recruiter:

  1. Register through the TCG website.
  2. Respond to a TCG job posting.
  3. Connect via LinkedIn.
  4. Ask for a personal referral from someone you know who's already working with TCG.

Once you make contact, TCG's recruiters will review your resume, then call you if you're a good fit for the job you applied for, meet the requirements for any other open jobs or have a skill that is commonly requested by TCG's clients.

The next step in the recruitment process is a phone or Skype call with a recruiter. During this conversation, you'll talk about your work interests, list of companies you'd like to work with, titles and roles you're open to, and salary expectations.

It's crucial to be completely honest when answering all of these questions. If you're not sure what salary or hourly rate you should seek, the recruiter can give you some guidance based on your salary history and career progression. TCG's annual Salary Guide and Salary Calculator can also help you figure out what salary you should expect, based on your skills, experience and location.

After this initial discussion, the recruiter will then likely ask you about checking your references, filling out some online paperwork and visiting the TCG office in your area.

3. The interview process

The next step in the recruitment process is an interview with a client company. Your recruiter will prep you for the process by conducting research on the company — and suggesting you do the same — and filling you in on how many interviews to expect and how often. Your recruiter will also handle all negotiations and keep you updated on progress. Plus, he or she will have inside salary information on the companies you're negotiating with and can help determine a rate that's fair for both parties.

The TCG recruiter's goal is to get candidates into the right roles as quickly as possible, often the very next day. And even when you don't land a job right away, good recruiters keep track of strong candidates and may identify another great opportunity down the line.

4. Starting an assignment

Once you land an assignment, you'll continue to be in touch with your recruiter to ensure things at your new job are going smoothly. Communication is the key to a great relationship with your recruiter. Ask him or her how often you should check in and whether phone or email correspondence is preferred. Generally, you'll be advised to check in once every week or two via email. If you're currently working in a role arranged by the recruiter, he or she will likely contact you every few days.

When working with TCG or any other staffing agency, consider these additional best practices:

  • If you find a job posting on another site, send a link to your recruiter and ask if he or she has a relationship with the company.
  • When you're on assignment, communicate through the recruiter, rather than directly with your supervisor, if you need to discuss the parameters of the job placement.
  • Keep your recruiter up-to-date if you develop a new skill after taking a course or working on a new type of project.
  • Show up on time and do your best work — even if you'd prefer to move on to a different assignment.

5. How TCG prepares you for success

The Creative Group's recruiters invest a lot of time in preparing candidates for success, including resume and portfolio advice throughout the recruitment process. As a TCG candidate, you'll also be eligible for free online training courses to help you acquire new skills or improve existing ones.

In fact, most recruiters are happy to offer candidates free advice and perspective on the marketplace, whether they're actively working together or not. Doesn't that sound like someone you want to have in your corner during your next job search?