Becoming a Freelancer - FAQs

Becoming a freelancer is a popular career choice for many creative professionals. Here are some common questions our freelancers ask as they consider this path.

What are the advantages of working with The Creative Group?
Working with The Creative Group provides you access to a wide array of projects with a diverse client base. Or, if you've just graduated or are new to your city, you can find instant friends and colleagues in our teams. We'll provide career counseling, portfolio reviews, training and a team dedicated to getting you projects. Most importantly, you'll find a group of professionals dedicated to the creative process and the community that represents it.

As an associate, do I pay any fees?
No, The Creative Group's services are FREE to you - the client pays all charges.

What is involved with signing up with The Creative Group?
Before your first scheduled visit with The Creative Group, you'll want to register online and upload your portfolio if applicable. Our first visit with you will take approximately one to two hours, depending on any testing required. During this time, your staffing managers will walk you through the various steps of the process, including the following:

  • If appropriate, taking skills evaluation tests for applicable software proficiency
  • If appropriate, taking professional assessment evaluations
  • Interviewing with your staffing managers and discussing your work history
  • Reviewing your portfolio and employment needs and preferences
  • Reviewing the benefits available to you as an associate

What benefits do we offer?
We provide one of the best packages in the industry because we are committed to a long-term working relationship with you. The following benefits are available to qualified associates:

  • Access to Medical and Life Insurances
  • CARE Health Benefits Program
  • Vision Program
  • Holiday Pay
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Bonus Pay

What should I bring to my first appointment?
Be sure to bring your creative portfolio (if appropriate), your resume, at least three professional and two peer references with phone numbers, and identification to prove your identity and ability to work in the United States.

What if I'm interested in full-time work?
In addition to freelance work, The Creative Group is pleased to offer full-time job opportunities in select markets. If this is the type of employment you seek, either search our available jobs and filter by "full-time," or let your staffing managers know when you meet. Some of our associates also work on what's called a "temp-to-full-time" basis. In this scenario, a professional is brought in to work on a short-term project. Then, if the situation is a good fit, the opportunity could transition into a full-time position.