Associate Testimonials

Freelancers who work with The Creative Group are provided the freedom of project work, the security of prompt payment and a competitive benefits package typically available only to full-time employees. But our associates appreciate more than just what they have to say for yourself.

"When parting with my previous employer, I signed on to a number of different job boards and talent agencies, and The Creative Group was by far the most effective in finding me work. The team not only performed with precision and professionalism, but also great passion and energy. It is with little wonder that there is very strong loyalty among consultants who have used The Creative Group."
—Ares, Senior User Experience Architect

"I really appreciate the effort The Creative Group has put forth on my behalf. It's only been a week with my new employer and already I love and am excited about the work. The salary is great and the position is perfect for where I am now and where I'd like to be going in my career."
—Dave, Studio Artist

"It was only a few weeks after my initial interview with The Creative Group that my first job came in. Brian from the Cleveland office placed me with a top-rate design team at a great company. Since turning to The Creative Group for work, I've been assigned a diverse range of projects that allow me to constantly hone and develop my skills. Interacting with different designers and developers on a regular basis has also helped me to become a more effective employee and team player. The Creative Group truly knows how to take care of their people - they'll make sure you're comfortable with your placement and are treated equitably. They'll also play to your strengths while occasionally finding opportunities to strengthen your weaker skills. I'm very grateful for Brian and the rest of the Cleveland team!"
—Jason, Internet Marketing Coordinator

"The Creative Group found me a great job as an advertising production artist. While the assignment was originally set to last only a few weeks, I ended up working with the client for over seven months. This longevity was due to the team's ability to maintain and service a healthy, long-term relationship between the employer and myself. During this time, The Creative Group was always very attentive to my needs - answering all of my questions, assuring prompt payment and updating me with future project work. I would recommend The Creative Group to anyone seeking rewarding freelance assignments, as well as opportunities to utilize and develop their skills in the advertising or marketing industry."
—Tim, Consultant