Creative Consultants for Long-Term Projects

The Creative Group’s Salaried Professional Service is designed to provide you with experienced creative professionals on a long-term basis, so turnover is minimized. Our Salaried Professionals have chosen a full-time career with The Creative Group, which includes a competitive salary and benefits. This allows them to focus 100 percent on your unique needs and helps reduce staff disruptions on your projects. The result is efficiency at its best — optimum productivity when you need it most.

Creative Consulting Benefits

Increased project continuity

Our Salaried Professionals are committed to your long-term projects. As an added benefit, you can request to schedule the same creative consultant repeatedly for future needs that arise at your company.

Greater choice of talent

Our Salaried Professional Service gives you access to a large network of creative professionals, individuals who work exclusively for The Creative Group. We build our Salaried Professional network through proactive recruiting efforts, referrals and connections with leading trade associations. Each Salaried Professional receives training to meet The Creative Group’s high standards before taking on any client projects.

Cost-effective solution

Many of our clients have saved significant dollars by using our creative consultants for recurring and long-term roles, as well as special projects. Salaried Professionals may help you reduce overtime and avoid the costs of additional full-time headcount.

Targeted recruiting

To access hard-to-find skill sets, the Salaried Professional Service delivers unique recruiting advantages. Because we offer full-time employment, we can target individuals who have the skills you need, whether they’re currently employed or actively looking for a job. As your staffing agency, we can plan ahead to recruit and hire professionals who have the skills to address your interim staffing or project needs.

If you would like more information about our Salaried Professional Service or our complete offering of creative staffing solutions, contact us today.

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