How Recruiting Agencies Can Help You Find the Right Creative Job Candidate

A recruiter reviews resumes on a computer

Hiring can be an exhausting process. After shuffling through an endless stack of resumes, you select a few candidates to meet in person, evaluate each one, decide who you think shows promise, and brace yourself for rejection if your top choices turn down your offer. If you're lucky, you start a long-term relationship – and stop hunting.

Finding the right candidate could be so much easier: Let creative recruiting agencies lend a hand and use their expertise and connections to find you the right fit for your job opening.

Here are a few reasons you should consider using one:

Recruiting agencies have a deep pool of eligible candidates
Recruiting agencies don't wait until a client calls to start researching possible skills matches; they are constantly adding experienced, in-demand candidates to their databases. They've got a stable of creative professionals who are seeking work, and they know of currently employed professionals who might be looking for a new opportunity soon.

Recruiting agencies are able to satisfy even the most selective clients
In fact, it helps if your criteria are very specific. A recruiting agency is more likely to find your perfect candidate if the job description indicates the technological expertise, work history and soft skills you require for the position. Whether you're looking for freelance, contract-to-hire or full-time talent, a recruiter can help find the creative professional who matches your needs.

Recruiting agencies offer a personal touch
When you start working with an agency such as The Creative Group, you'll be in touch with a recruiter who will get to know you and your organization's needs. Successful recruiters stay current on hiring trends and know the local job scene inside and out. Is your workplace a kooky creative space, a serious corporate environment or something in between? Your recruiter will consider fit with the corporate culture as well as professional credentials in selecting potential matches.

Recruiting agencies save you time and money
Let's face it, hiring is expensive: You can spend a lot of time and money sifting through hires who don't work out. A creative recruiting agency will do the hard work for you, evaluating candidates' portfolios, skills and credentials, presenting you with the top choices. The agency will also take care of the administrative side of hiring for you, letting you keep your focus where it belongs: on your business.

If you're frustrated with the hiring game, enlisting the help of recruiting agencies will bring you one step closer to finding your next highly skilled professional. Contact us for help finding "the one."