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Hot Job: Video Producer

Illustration of a laptop and video production equipment.

As people continue to gravitate to information they can consume quickly and visually, hiring for video producer positions has seen an uptick. And it looks like the trend is here to stay. Read on for a look at the video producer job description and current video producer salary expectations.


Is Your Digital Footprint Hurting Your Chances of Getting Hired?

Illustration of a computer screen reading "Fail" with a frowning face.

What you say and do outside of work impacts your career pursuits. Yet some people still fail to realize how much their digital footprint matters. Here are some surprising things employers have found when searching online for information about creative job candidates — and advice for avoiding the same snafus.


Do Emojis Belong in the Workplace?

Illustration of six different emoji faces.

Are you an avid emoji enthusiast? You’re certainly not alone. But what about using emojis in the workplace? Is it OK to send that funny smirking face, or could emoji usage be considered a thumbs down in a professional setting?





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