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What Gen Z Wants from Employers (In Their Own Words)

Illustration of a magnifying glass on a job seeker.

The second wave of millennials, dubbed Gen Z, is entering the workforce. Do you know how to recruit and manage them? Here’s what these budding creative professionals told us they are looking for when it comes to their careers.


What Does a CX Designer Do?

Illustrations of computer screens showing positive customer ratings and reviews.

Interested in becoming — or hiring — a CX designer? Here’s the scoop on this emerging role.


Hot Job: Social Media Manager

Text reading Social Media Manager.

A gift for storytelling. Diplomacy online and off. Search engine optimization skills. Today’s social media manager has all that, plus a knack for developing highly creative campaigns and measuring how effective those ideas are.


The 6 Worst Phone Interview Fails

Illustration of a hand holding a smartphone.

Many companies will conduct a phone interview prior to scheduling in-person meetings with job candidates. But some creative professionals don’t take the opportunity as seriously as they should. Have a call with a prospective employer coming up? Here’s what not to do.


What Does a Marketing Automation Manager Really Do?

Illustration of automated machines moving things near a computer desktop.

There’s more and more talk of marketing automation these days. But if the marketing automation manager job remains a mystery to you, here’s a firsthand account of what the role is all about.




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