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A Bright Future for In-House Creative Professionals

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Alex Center, design director at The Coca-Cola Company and a member of AIGA’s In-house INitiative steering committee, explains why the time is ripe to consider an in-house creative career.


An Inside Look at 'The UX Careers Handbook'

Image of a UX designer sketching while holding a smartphone.

While there have been many books written about user experience (UX) methods, the topic of UX careers hasn’t seen as much discussion. Noted UX expert Cory Lebson is changing that with “The UX Careers Handbook,” which features concrete tips and techniques for improving UX careers, a review of different kinds of UX careers, a guide to navigating the UX career lifecycle, tips for hiring managers and more.


3 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

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When it comes to your career, you are committed and passionate. Your job is fulfilling. In many ways it has become a part of your identity. But is there a downside to your dedication? Are you a workaholic?


Verbs Before Blurbs on Your Creative Resume

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From one creative resume to the next, employers often come across the same statement from job candidates: “I am an effective team player.” The hiring manager yawns and thinks, “Big deal. Who isn’t?” But you swear, you really are an effective team player! Well, of course you are. The problem is that using the same tired terms on your resume as every other applicant does you no good. Read how choosing the right words can help you set yourself apart.




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