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Your Business Etiquette Questions Answered

Should you "friend" your boss or coworkers on Facebook? Is it OK to read and respond to emails during business meetings? What should you do if you mistakenly sent a confidential email to the wrong person?


Words of Wisdom From Great Designers

In my years of interviewing designers for magazine articles, white papers and blog posts, I've continually found that creatives are a quick-witted and eminently quotable bunch. It doesn't take much digging to extract pithy, profound (and sometimes gloriously profane) statements.


Patience: The Creative Freelancer's Virtue

Patience may be a virtue, but it's one that is sorely tested by freelancing. If you've recently made the move from the corporate realm into the world of solopreneurship, you've likely discovered a huge difference in the pace of the work. (In fact, you may have made the leap in order to escape that corporate rush.)


HOW Design Live: A Conference That Never Gets Old

I'm still coming off the high of HOW Design Live, an annual conference that brings together creative professionals from across the country (and globe) to learn new design tricks and career and management strategies, network with their peers, and get inspired. This year's event was in San Francisco from June 22-26. 


Workspace Ideas: Inside Freelance Designer Jessica Jones' Home Office

As part of this year's Creative Team of the Future project, we surveyed AIGA members in the United States on a range of business topics – and one that raised a strong response was what their current and dream workspace looks like. While some trends emerged, the data shows there's no magic formula for designing the perfect space.




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