Workspace Ideas: Inside Freelance Designer Jessica Jones' Home Office

As part of this year's Creative Team of the Future project, we surveyed AIGA members in the United States on a range of business topics – and one that raised a strong response was what their current and dream workspace looks like. While some trends emerged, the data shows there's no magic formula for designing the perfect space.

But that won't stop us from giving you some ideas to freshen up the area where you work – whether it's a cubicle, office or room in your own home. To do that, we'll be giving you a glimpse of real-life offices of working creatives throughout the year.

To start, we're taking a peek inside freelance designer Jessica Jones' home office. In our survey, a small handful (4 percent) of creative professionals told us they telecommute, like Jones, yet nearly one in five respondents said they wish they could work from home or somewhere other than the office.

Jones lives in Evanston, Ill., where she creates identities, marketing materials and surface designs. Her colorful patterns have appeared on products at Nordstrom, Target, HomeGoods and other retailers. When she's not designing, you might find her posting to her popular DIY and design blog, How About Orange. Here's what Jones told us about her office:

What's your single favorite thing about your workspace? Why do you love it?
My favorite thing is the atmosphere: it's sunny, bright and peaceful. The coffee is exactly how I like it and the music is always good.

What's the most unique or characteristic piece of decor in your office?
The most distinguishing feature is probably the amount of orange. It's my favorite color and, according to Frank Sinatra, "the happiest color." There are orange file folders, pencil cups, magazine boxes, storage tins and an orange Kleenex box cover. Orange drink coasters and an orange stapler. I painted orange designs on the plain white curtains. I do like me some orange.

What might we be surprised to find on your desk or in your work area?
Hmm. A plastic model of a Holstein. Or a miniature Vespa scooter handmade from old tin packaging. An origami mushroom.

When you're not at your desk, where might we find you working?
On the couch in the living room – occasionally with my eyes closed.

What do you love about working from a home office? Is there anything challenging about it?
I love the lack of interruptions, and that I can create an environment filled with my favorite, inspiring things. Plus the commute is quite short. I never mind being alone, but once in a while, it would be helpful to have a few people around to bounce ideas off. Then I wouldn't have to subject my poor husband to show-and-tell sessions when he gets home from work. Tell me if this logo makes sense. Pretend you're a woman and you need a new tote bag. Which fabric print do you pick? The poor man. But there's always email and the telephone, so I never feel isolated and can get feedback pretty easily. All things considered, I'm delighted to be working from home.

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Freelance designer Jessica Jones in her sunny home office.

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The shelf above her desk holds fun accessories. The second bulletin board belongs to her engineer husband.

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The pillows pictured on Jones' bulletin board are made from fabrics she designed. And why the cow? She grew up on a dairy farm.

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Bright file folders and artwork brighten up the space.

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A Steelcase chair that Jones reupholstered with wood grain fabric.

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 This fun little Vespa scooter was handmade in Africa.

Do you work at home on a regular basis? Or wish that you could? We'd love to hear about it in the comments.