Workspace Design: Inside Roland DGA's Office

Churning out fresh ideas can be difficult when your work environment is wearisome. On the other hand, good workspace design can stimulate collaboration and creativity. Take it from Dan Wilson, creative director at Roland DGA, who gave us an inside look at his inimitable office space.

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Roland DGA provides sales, marketing and customer support services throughout the Americas for Roland DG Corporation, a worldwide leader in the sign, graphic arts, fine art, vehicle graphics, UV, photography, engraving and 3D modeling industries. One look at the creative office space and you'll see why Dan Wilson and his eight-person team remains engaged and inspired on the job.

Dan spoke with us about the unique workspace design and corporate culture at his company:

What's your favorite thing about your workspace? Why do you love it?
Our lobby, which we call the "Roland Creative Center," exhibits many imaginative applications that are possible with our products, from wall and floor graphics to printed leather chairs, fabric apparel, and more. It reminds us of the creativity of our customers and inspires us to do the same.

The lobby waiting area features tile floor and wall graphics printed with silver ink, plus four seasons themed carpet and leather chairs, all created with Roland inkjet printers.

What's the most unique or characteristic piece of decor in your office?
Probably the 25-foot "flying machine" glider hanging 20-feet above our reception desk. It was fabricated based on patent drawings submitted in 1895 by German civil engineer Otto Lilienthal. We made the wings out of fabric covered in printed graphics.


What might we be surprised to find on your desk or in your work area?
A glass door purchased at a yard sale leaning up against the wall with a mini basketball hoop on top – it doubles as a whiteboard and an office game.

What's the overall atmosphere like? Is it library quiet? Or loud and boisterous?
Monday through Thursday, headphones come in handy. But Fridays are quiet with half of the office out on our every-other-Friday-off schedule.

Is there a favorite place in the office that employees like to hang out and socialize?
The snack cart with food contributions from the entire team in our design team corner is a popular gathering place. It makes for great quick conversations, but gets dangerous in the holiday season when the boxes of chocolates start to stack up.

What kind of office rituals does your team have? Potluck lunches? Ping-pong tournaments?
Every few months, two different individuals pair up to prepare an international lunch for the team. Recently, we did Filipino food.

If you could change one thing about your office, what would it be?
We recently moved into a new space in the middle of the building, with no windows facing outside. We're thinking of adding a skylight to get some natural light.

In the lobby, a fully wrapped Scion (including printed upholstery) is parked on printed asphalt. A 25-foot replica of an Otto Lilienthal 1895 flying machine hangs overhead.

The hallway entrance features oversize toy blocks with dimensional letters and shapes created using Roland engravers. The letters and upside down numbers in color subtly form the word "Imagine."

One of the hallways features posters printed on wood. When the team is ready to feature new graphics, they simpy sandpaper off the current designs and print new ones.

The elevator area features graphics printed for the sets of popular feature films, such as "Leatherheads" and "Public Enemies," all created with Roland printers to look like actual materials, from the wood and tile to the iron and marble.

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