Which TV Show Best Describes Your Creative Team?

Team dynamics

Does your creative team act more like the cast of Survivor, Modern Family or another TV show entirely? We asked advertising and marketing executives to weigh in. Here’s how they voted.

Dramas, comedies and reality shows can seem otherworldly, but how far-fetched are they? Can we draw parallels between work life and our favorite TV series? Of course we can — and we did!

The Creative Group recently asked 400 advertising and marketing executives to pick the TV show title that best reflects their company’s office culture. The top responses: Modern Family, cited by one-third of executives, followed by Mad Men and Survivor.

Team dynamics infographic

Obviously, corporate culture varies from office to office — and with it, team dynamics. A laid-back and collaborative work environment will attract different types of professionals than one that is extremely competitive. Even within one faction, unique personalities exist. And, when groups of people interact frequently day in and day out, conflict is inevitable. Creative professionals, in particular, may feel the heat when they’re dealing with tight deadlines and the self-imposed need to produce brilliant work.

When the pressure is on, do you and your colleagues pull together and support each other like family, or turn into scheming backstabbers who resemble conniving castaways?

If tensions are running high at work, consider these five tips for improving overall team dynamics:

1.Embrace the group’s differences. Avoid participating in cliques within your firm or department. Strive to be open-minded and regard alternative viewpoints as a way for the team to achieve greater balance and reach better business decisions.

2.Be willing to bend. Just as you expect your colleagues to adjust their mentality and work style, you should be willing to modify yours. Be flexible when faced with new processes and procedures.

3.Stay upbeat. Positive attitudes can be contagious, and perhaps more importantly, so are negative ones. When faced with setbacks, focus on solutions. And recognize the value of humor — laughter can sometimes go a long way toward easing tension and building camaraderie.

4.Get out of the office. Stress and anxiety can be antithetical to a productive creative environment. Simple activities such as organizing a lunch or afternoon coffee break can provide a welcome respite and an opportunity to socialize with coworkers in a different setting.

5.Give it time. No group of individuals can hope to achieve unity overnight. Team spirit evolves naturally as you collaborate to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

What TV series best characterizes the team dynamics of your creative firm or department? My pick: The Amazing Race. We’re constantly on the go and working together to tackle new challenges. If you’re looking for ways to help improve the team dynamics within your organization, check out our post, Stronger, Better, Happier: 4 Team-Building Exercises for the Workplace.