What is Your Secret Sauce to Creative Inspiration?

Secret Sauce to Creative Inspiration

The theme of our 2016 Salary Guide got us wondering: What's the “secret sauce” to your creative inspiration? We asked creative professionals to share images that show the source of their creativity, and we received some amazing shots.

For some, creative inspiration came from quiet places, in natural settings. For others, inspiration came from high-energy settings like a rock concert. Many shared images of people in their lives and told how friends and family fuel their creativity. As it turns out, creativity comes from many different places and can be as unique as finger prints. Here is a look at the winning images:

First place — Steph Chen

Winner of a trip to SXSW and a $500 Visa gift card

picture of guitar

Second place — Carolyn Blefski

Winner of a $150 Visa gift card

picture of bird

Third place — Nancy Hughes

Winner of a $50 Visa gift card

picture of nature

Thank you to everyone who entered and voted!