Unwanted Facebook Friends: How Do You Respond to Facebook Friend Requests from Colleagues and Clients?

Would you feel awkward getting a Facebook friend request from your boss, a client or that recent grad you just hired? If so, you're in good company, according to a new survey by OfficeTeam.

A majority of the more than 1,000 senior managers polled said they'd be uncomfortable being friended by bosses, direct reports, clients or vendors. Just under half (49 percent) don't even want to connect with coworkers.

We're curious what you think: What's the best way to respond when the head honcho or another work contact – who clearly is not and never will be an actual friend – puts you in a pickle by friending you? Ignore it and hope the person doesn't bring it up? Shoot 'em down and risk looking like a social media snoot? Decline by explaining you prefer to connect with business associates via LinkedIn? Grit your teeth and become Facebook friends (right after changing your privacy settings and deleting those pics from last month's epic happy hour)? Tell us in the comments.