The Year of UX: 3 UX Trends for 2014

Buzz Break

As technology evolves, so too must user experience professionals. Do you have a pulse on the latest UX trends and the skills employers seek?

UX, or user experience, isn't just a buzzword – it's a discipline. And professionals with UX expertise can enjoy lucrative careers as companies of all sizes seek people with these skills.

But what does it take to be a successful UX designer? TCG executive director Diane Domeyer got the scoop from master designer Jose Caballer during TCG's first Buzz Break, an interview series with creative industry leaders. They talked about everything from how UX has evolved from the dot-com days to what skills and abilities are required for the job.

Here are three key UX trends that Domeyer and Caballer discussed:

1. UX is the new "brand." UX is not a role, a title, nor a person – it's a practice, a way of being and behaving as a company. Information architects, visual designers, strategists, developers and coders are all responsible for defining and executing the user experience. UX designers moderate and facilitate the whole process and provide the framework for it.

2. An ideal UX designer is an alchemist. He or she can facilitate the process of defining a company's customers and their needs and goals, and how those experiences are going to be delivered across various channels. UX designers also must be able to moderate conversations amongst all the different stakeholders of an organization, including management, developers and programmers, writers, and marketing and design teams.

3. There isn't a traditional UX career path. People from all different disciplines – product design, writing, business strategy – have successfully transitioned into UX. To get your foot in the door, pursue internships or apprenticeships or offer your services pro bono. This allows you to build your portfolio until you find an organization that needs your services full-time.

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