The Done Scale: An Online Comic by 20px

Done Scale Online Comic

Think you're done with that project? Think again. If you're a perfectionist at work – or manage or report to one – you can probably relate to this online comic by 20px.

How many times have you neared the end of an assignment only to second-guess yourself, or have a boss or client doubt the "final" deliverable? It's a common conundrum for creative professionals, where revisions are part of the concepting/design/writing process. The hard part, as The Done Scale shows, is knowing when to call it a day and move on. 

So, how done are you?

Done ScaleLike what you see? You can get a poster of The Done Scale for your office. That way, when your boss or a client asks, "Are you done with the [INSERT NAME OF PROJECT] yet?" you can simply point to your current status and grin.

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