TCG's Gift Guide: 12 Creative Gifts for 12 Creative Types

With roughly eight shopping days left, there's no time like the present to check those last-minute gifts off your list. From design lovers to DIYers, make use of our handy gift guide to make shopping a snap for creatives of every persuasion.

In keeping with the seasonal significance of the number 12, we've categorized our gift list by creative type to help make your holiday giving a total success. See our list below for the perfect gifts to bestow upon your most creative – and hard-to-shop-for – recipients.

Creative Gifts for Every Type, Minus the Lords-a-Leaping

  1. The Designer – Elegantly crafted and intuitive to use, the FiftyThree Pencil stylus is the perfect tool for any designer who puts his or her creativity to Paper.
  2. The Work-From-Homer – Just because this creative doesn't leave the house (to get lunch) until 3 p.m., doesn't mean he has to dress like it. With Dress Pant Sweatpants from Betabrand, you can have your sweats and look like a professional, too.
  3. The Foodie Fanatic – Has this person ever served you a meal they'd spent hours titrating? If so, opt for a molecular gastronomy kit to show your credibility in the culinary space. Bonus points if you drop the term "spherification" in your accompanying note.
  4. The Movie Film Buff – It's hard to go wrong with a retrospective book on Wes Anderson and his beloved films, regardless of one's taste in cinema. The artwork alone of The Wes Anderson Collection by Matt Zoller Seitz makes it a foolproof choice for film and design fans alike.   
  5. The Star-Wars-and-Yoda-Loving Typography Enthusiast – Some of us grew up thinking Anakin Skywalker's pseudonym was Dark Vader and that he dueled using a lightsaver (that would be me). Grew up others talking Yoda in. For the latter creative, opt for this Star Wars typography print.
  6. The Works-Out-on-Her-Lunch-Breaker – Long gone are the days of bringing your pastel yoga ball to the office – as well as having to explain the benefits of active sitting to the traditional chair-user. Thanks to this less conspicuous Wobble Cushion, the health nut on your list can keep her core strong and her coworkers at bay.
  7. The Funny (and Carnivorous) Guy – If you haven't noticed, men's socks have become a bit of a thing lately. So for the funny guy with an affinity for zany socks and charcuterie plates, might I suggest Meat Feet. (Ladies might prefer this bacon scarf instead.)
  8. The DIY Crafter – If this person is rarely without her handmade mason jar sleeve – that she got at the craft fair – and hates the notion of "store bought," consider presenting her with a subscription to Whimseybox, a monthly DIY craft box that will speak to her inner creative crafter.
  9. The Music Lover – A great gift idea for nearly any creative (because who doesn’t love music?), the Mini Jambox by Jawbone brings portability and style to the home, office or impromptu dance party.
  10. The Javaphile – We're still buzzing over our latest Salary Guide – and our love of all things coffee. So for the bold creative who craves only the finest beans, gift them 49th Parallel's Holiday Celebration Espresso, and maybe these charming bicycle espresso mugs.
  11. The Project Starter – We all know someone who's a notorious starter but only an occasional finisher. And while there's nothing wrong with that, Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith is the perfect book to keep them on point, thanks to its quirky prompts that inspire creativity.
  12. The Has-it-All Creative – Ideal for any creative type on your gift list, this classically shaped Pantone Chip Drive in Radiant Orchid (congrats, 2014 Pantone Color of the Year) is as iconic as it is useful.

Cross that Last Creative Gift Off Your List

Share your favorite gift ideas for the creatives on your list. Or, let us know what you're asking for this year. Happy Holidays!

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