Summer Bucket Lists

It's standard practice to come up with a list of personal and professional resolutions at the end of the year. Projects are winding down, performance reviews are taking place, and employees have more time to reflect on their recent accomplishments and aspirations for the coming year.

But summer can be an ideal time to revisit your goals – or make new ones. So much can change in six months that a midyear check-in can help ensure you're on track – and satisfied – with your life and career.

For example, here are three things I want to accomplish in the next two months:

  1. Get better acquainted with Video on Instagram and Vine (and perhaps post a video). These tools didn't even exist six months ago and it's been interesting to see how companies and individuals are using them.

  2. Work on my (amateur) photography and writing skills by continuing to post new content to my cooking "flog" (Facebook blog). It's also a good excuse to practice my pitching and social media skills as I try to gain new followers.

  3. Take a long weekend to go on a short road trip. I'm a firm believer that a brief getaway can do wonders to recharge your energy and creative spirit – and I think Carmel, Calif., is calling my name!

I'm not the only one with a summer bucket list. Here's what some other folks in the creative industry told me they want to accomplish in the weeks ahead:

"My goal for the summer is to get two of the typefaces I've been working on out the door, including the one I did for Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. I'm working with Font Bureau to finalize it, so hopefully it'll be for sale before August!" - Jessica Hische, letterer and illustrator

"I have two main goals for this summer. My business goal is to blog at least once a week. If I get in the habit now, I'm more likely to continue into the fall. My personal goal is to complete the illustrations for a graphic novel that I hope to publish one day." - Denise Bosler, designer, illustrator, author and professor

"This summer, I plan to make time to reorganize the content on my website and spend some time creating boards on my Pinterest account where I can collect good examples of marketing ideas and materials for creative professionals. It's perfect for that!" - Ilise Benun, co-founder of Marketing-Mentor

"My goal is to land a few local wineries as clients. So far, no dice, but I have discovered a few new wines I like, so it's not a complete loss." - Von Glitschka, illustrative designer

"Here are my two things for summer: 1) We're making a children's book with my family. It's about rhyming Pluto and Bluto, gratitude and beginning new things; 2) I'm looking forward to next year's InHOWse Managers Conference. This summer I'd like to develop a story about our in-house team for The Creative Group and Robert Half Technology." - Tom Schreiber, interactive art director for Robert Half

What is one career goal you want to accomplish this summer? Let us know in a comment below.