Resume Tips From a 20-Year Staffing Veteran

Want to land a creative job? You need a compelling, consistent personal brand and a strong resume to show off your core strengths.

TCG executive director Diane Domeyer recently appeared as a guest on the Design Recharge Show  to talk about the ins and outs of resumes with host Diane Gibbs. During the one-hour chat, she shared many tips for writing and designing this essential job-search tool.

With more than 20 years of experience in the staffing industry, Domeyer knows a thing or two about what hiring managers look for in resumes and how to put your best foot forward no matter where you are in your career.

The Rules of Resumes

According to Domeyer, you should follow these resumes rules:

  1. Always have one ready.
  2. Know your audience (i.e., hiring managers and clients) and tailor your resume (and cover letter and portfolio) to their specific needs.
  3. Cut to the chase. Quantify past accomplishments and make sure these details are front and center. This allows employers to clearly recognize how you can impact the company's bottom line.
  4. Convey anything that sets you apart from others that may be in consideration for the position, like key accomplishments.
  5. Incorporate keywords from the job ad, as long as these terms accurately describe your skills and experience.
  6. Consider the design as well as the content. Forty-six percent of advertising and marketing executives surveyed by TCG said for those pursuing creative roles, how a resume looks matters as much as what it contains.
  7. Follow directions. Employers often provide specific instructions in the job ad, such as submitting your resume and cover letter in a certain file format or referencing the job title or requisition number. Before you upload your letter or hit the send button, reread the job posting to make sure you've done everything the employer asked.
  8. Lastly, avoid common resume mistakes that could land you in our Resumania™ roundup.

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