Optimize Your Search for an SEO Content Writer

Optimize Your Search for an SEO Content Writer

You interact with search engine optimization (SEO) in the content you read online every day whether you realize it or not. So, who are the professionals who craft SEO copy? And what should a company or creative agency know about hiring an SEO content writer? Read on to find out.

The need for compelling and well-crafted content has never been greater. But in today’s digital world, excellent content needs be found before it can garner hits, likes and shares. That’s why savvy creative agencies and in-house departments are focused on enhancing their digital marketing strategy and investing in the talents of writers skilled in SEO.

To ensure you recruit the strategic wordsmiths who best suit your organization’s needs, there are a few questions you’ll want to consider. Here are answers to some FAQs about what makes a great SEO content writer and how hiring one — or several — can benefit your company.

What is the role of an SEO content writer?

The job of an SEO content writer is to create engaging copy that is optimized to increase your rankings in Internet search results.

What skills should I look for in an SEO content writer?

Ideally, you want an excellent writer with marketing chops and a keen understanding of digital strategy. Candidates should be able to craft compelling copy that speaks to target audiences while staying on brand. A passion for keeping up with digital marketing trends is also important. Stellar candidates will be knowledgeable in SEO best practices related to website architecture and navigation, internal linking and social media marketing.

What kind of experience should I look for when hiring an SEO content writer?

Many employers seek professionals with at least three years of experience in SEO writing, and a bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications. But it’s possible to find strong candidates who have less experience or degrees in other academic areas. As such, it’s crucial to carefully review the portfolios of job applicants. Look for quality work on long- and short-form projects for a range of audiences — including blog posts, e-newsletters and social media promotions.

How does an SEO writer add value to a company or creative agency?

If you find a good writer and strategic thinker who knows SEO best practices and how to implement them, this can be a game-changing hire. A talented SEO content writer can boost website traffic and help increase revenue. This person can also positively impact your organization by changing the company’s internal perception of what a website or blog is used for and how to measure success.

SEO is constantly evolving and the days when you could push your site to the top of the search results by packing it with keywords are long gone. When evaluating candidates, keep in mind that you’ll see the best results if you hire a skilled SEO content writer who truly understands the current nature of the role.

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