Moolah Palooza: On Tour in Dallas


Who's ready to rock?! Moolah Palooza – TCG's2015 Salary Guide – is your exclusive backstage pass to current hiring and compensation trends in the creative field. 

Whether you're looking for your next gig or you're in search of talent that will bring down the house, we're on tour to explore the job opportunities and earning potential for the hottest creative roles in cities across North America.

This week, we're exploring the most creative jobs in Dallas.

 Dallas' Creative Job Market

 Back in 1995, dot-coms were starting to bubble – and creative fields followed suit. Fast-forward 20 years to 2015 and history is repeating itself. After a painful recession, the tech sector is healthy again and the creative industry is supporting it.

Those jobs are not all concentrated in Silicon Valley anymore. Many California-based companies, tech and otherwise, are setting up shop in Dallas (and other major cities in Texas), where real estate and cost of living are lower. Dallas' creative job market is also being fueled by growth in digital marketing, user experience, responsive design and project-based assignments.

"The education, technology and healthcare industries are particularly strong in Dallas," said Shirley Crowley, division director of TCG's Dallas team. "There is increased need for creative support in areas like mobile design and product prototyping. Candidates with hot interactive skill sets – both design and development – are highly sought. And, because of the recent changes to healthcare policy, many companies seek marketing professionals and graphic designers to help with internal collateral and rebranding efforts."

Below are five in-demand creative jobs in Dallas, including a salary comparison of the national averages and Dallas ranges. These figures can give you an idea of how the local job market, cost of living and other variables can affect Dallas salaries.

Position National Average Starting Salary Dallas Starting Salary
Content Strategist $72,500-$100,000 $77,938-$107,500
Front-End Web Developer (1 to 3 years)



Graphic Designer (1 to 3 years) $38,750-$56,500 $41,656-$60,738
User Experience (UX) Specialist $82,500-$124,250 $88,688-$133,569
Web Designer (1 to 5 years)  $54,000-$84,000 $58,050-$90,300

Tips for Landing a Creative Job in Dallas

So, what does this all mean for creative job seekers in D-Town?

"These days, many companies are looking for specialized talent in order to hit tight deadlines and produce quality work with little ramp-up or training," said Crowley. "If you’re looking for creative work, a recruiter can help make introductions to these employers and provide other benefits, including resume and portfolio advice, interview tips, and access to free online training." 

Crowley advises creative job seekers to do the additional three things:

  1. Stay on top of software and technology relative to your skill set. Employers look for candidates with knowledge of the latest industry tools and standards.
  2. Create an independent online portfolio. A visual representation of your skill set, even if it's as a project or account manager, can help tell the story of your accomplishments. Well-designed infographics are hot these days and are a great way to show off your creativity and ability to visualize statistics and numbers.
  3. Increase your social media presence and network. By regularly developing and sharing relevant industry content, you're letting employers know that you understand the nature of your career and, if applicable, your specific field.  

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